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About the IBFDA

The International Bok Fu Do Association is the International branch of the Bok Fu Do System. This organization is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the teachings, traditions and history of the system.

The IBFDA is based in Alamo, California and was founded in 1994. The Chairman of the organization is Grandmaster Richard Lee, founder of Bok Fu Do. It is managed by the board of directors, headed by Master John Buckley, the first disciple of Grandmaster Lee.

The Association routinely sponsors seminars, holds events and distributes publications about the Bok Fu Do System. This website will contain the most up to date information on upcoming IBFDA events. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the International Bok Fu Do Association, please visit the membership section of this website.

Our Motto

Zhi (Wisdom)

Wisdom refers to the value of learning positively from your life experiences even during the difficult times.

Yong (Courage)

Courage refers to believing in yourself and facing your fears whether they are real or imagined.

Cheng (Honesty)

Honesty refers to being more concerned with the truth than the way you would like things to be.

Ren (Kindness)

Kindness refers to sharing a helpful spirit with one another inside the school and out.


Rules And Regulations